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Call: (865) 436-2326

Formerly Fort Fun

Reagan Terrace Mall
716 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738


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Motion Ride

The Area's Wildest

Motion Ride Theater

Come experience the most intense motion simulator in Gatlinburg! Survive Smash Factory—a wild and crazy drive though a crash-test dummy facility—or strap into the Astro Canyon Coaster, a rollercoaster out of this world. Hold on tight as you ride the 12 seat Venturer Motion Simulator offering FIVE action-packed movies that make you feel like you are actually there! 


Now Showing:


  • Astro Canyon Coaster

A space coaster hurls you toward the frontiers of an uncharted alien planet!

  • ​Volcano Mine Ride

Ride a runaway Roller Coaster through a blazing Volcano!

  • Pepsi Max's The Big One

Vertical Simulation on the world's tallest, fastest roller coaster at Black Pool Pleasure Beach.

  • Smash Factory

An unforgettable drive with our maverick crew through an unforgettable labyrinth of terror!

  • Glacier Run

A race through an arctic ice quarry with thundering ice blocks and gaping ice chasms.

At Gatlin's, we offer great FAMILY FUN VALUE. Pick from the above activities when you purchase a package.