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Call: (865) 436-2326

Formerly Fort Fun

Reagan Terrace Mall
716 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738


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Motion Ride

We regret to inform our loyal customers that our Motion Ride is currently closed for repairs. Please try another one of our exciting activites!



The Area's Wildest

Motion Ride Theater

Come experience the most intense motion simulator in Gatlinburg! Survive Smash Factory—a wild and crazy drive though a crash-test dummy facility—or strap into the Astro Canyon Coaster, a rollercoaster out of this world. Hold on tight as you ride the 12 seat Venturer Motion Simulator offering FIVE action-packed movies that make you feel like you are actually there! 


Now Showing:


  • Astro Canyon Coaster

A space coaster hurls you toward the frontiers of an uncharted alien planet!

  • ​Volcano Mine Ride

Ride a runaway Roller Coaster through a blazing Volcano!

  • Pepsi Max's The Big One

Vertical Simulation on the world's tallest, fastest roller coaster at Black Pool Pleasure Beach.

  • Smash Factory

An unforgettable drive with our maverick crew through an unforgettable labyrinth of terror!

  • Glacier Run

A race through an arctic ice quarry with thundering ice blocks and gaping ice chasms.

At Gatlin's, we offer great FAMILY FUN VALUE. Pick from the above activities when you purchase a package.